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Chakra Healing 

Chakra Meditation techniques.

    Chakra Healing         Learn to open and balance your chakras and create harmony in your energy fields        become more stable and balanced

This site will teach you about chakra healing and how to open your chakras with meditation. You will find different meditation techniques. Find out which chakra healing meditation that works the best for you


Root Chakra


Stability - The root chakra is the first chakra and is connected to the body and earth. The function of the root chakra is to stabilize and maintain the balance of the chakras. It works as the steady foundation and when functioning well, the root chakra will provide you with a secure and safe feeling. You will feel grounded and in contact with the earth.




Sacral Chakra


Creativity The sacral or navel chakra is the location for our creativity. It is in this chakra we find our originality and inspiration. When the sacral chakra is open and functioning well, we are able to create and use our imagination. All our creative abilities such as artistic talents, our painting and drawing skills, our poetic talents and our ability to express ourselves in writings, comes from the sacral chakra.






Guided Chakra Meditation

The Chakra Flower Meditation

A Step-By-Step Guide


This Chakra meditation is one of many meditation techniques for opening your closed chakras. This is a step-by-step guide that will help you though this meditation technique on chakra meditation. I suggest that you read the information about each chakra before starting this meditation technique.



Learn to See Auras

How to see your aura


This meditation technique will help you learn to see auras. But it takes practice and patience.


Step 1

Find a comfortable position in front of something plain such a white wall. Do not face the light, since that can give you false results